EURA’s research activities range from an approach to the economic, legal, social and ethical implications of robotic technologies and autonomous systems to the application of these acquisitions to the most recent practical implications.

The main purpose of our research is to foster legislation able to nurture a rapid proliferation of robotics technologies within a more definite legal and ethical framework. Since we are well aware that robotic technologies require an articulate investigation EURA exploits a multidisciplinary method and a comparative analysis of different legal systems, which have been investigated so far only in isolation. As stated by the European Commission in its communication of the 25 April “AI must be developed and applied in an appropriate framework which promotes innovation and respects the Union’s values and fundamental rights as well as ethical principles such as accountability and transparency”.

The Center’s research activities are devoted to address the Artificial Intelligence development toward a human-centered and trustworthy direction for AI oriented  to benefit the society as a whole.