The EURA Jean Monnet Center of Excellence constitutes a focal point of competences and knowledge on the Regulation of Robotics and AI, focusing on the ethical, legal, social and economic (ELSE) implications of new technologies.

EURA promotes innovative multidisciplinary research, offers advanced educational programs, and fosters the dialogue with policy makers, increasing social awareness and promoting an informed debate.

The Centre is constituted by four Institutes of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Dirpolis, BioRobotics, Management, TeCip, Economics), and works in collaboration with some of the most prestigious Universities, Research Centres and EU-funded Projects. Its team is comprised by internationally renewed experts of different disciplines, who carry out forefront research in their respective fields.

Through its numerous activities – such as PhD courses, conferences, seminars, policy-papers, workshops, Summer Schools and Boot Camps –   as well as its interdisciplinary and functional-based approach, EURA creates a worldwide network of experts, professionals, stakeholders, and policy makers, facilitating cross-fertilization among different fields and interest groups. Thanks to its open events and dissemination activities, the Center promotes an informed social understanding of R&A issues.

Ultimately, EURA intends to identify, assess, discuss, and promote the European Approach to AI and advanced robotics, defined by European Commission in its Communication of the 25 April 2018 , which aims at boosting the European technological and industrial capacity and AI uptake across the economy, while anticipating and addressing socio-economic changes, and ensuring an appropriate ethical and legal framework, based on the Union’s values and principles