Associate Professor of Private Law at the Dirpolis Institute at the  Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Prof. Palmerini also teaches Private law and bioethics at the University of Pisa. Her main research interests cover law and technology, medical law, tort law and bioethics. She coordinated the two-year European (FP7) project RoboLaw (, which was awarded with the World Technology Award in 2013,  on the ethical, social and legal implications of robotic technologies. She carried other research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Science and Education (Genetic identity and disabilities: the protection against discrimination in civil law”, 2007-2009) and by private institutions (Droit – Droni in Toscana, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, 2015-2016). She is a member to the Association of Italian Civil Lawyers and the European Law Institute (ELI), where she partakes in the Special Interest Group on Digital law.


  • Regulation of emerging technologies
  • Bioethics (issue at the beginning and end of life)
  • Privacy, data protection, big data
  • Human enhancement
  • Legal aspects of genetics, neuroscience and robotics


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  • Law and Technology. The Challenge of Regulating Technological Development (with E. Stradella, eds), Pisa University Press, 2013.

Courses taught

  • Private Law
  • Law and Technology
  • Private law and bioethics