The PhD course “The Law and Economics of Technological Innovation: Robotics and AI” is about to start!

The course will provide students with a multidisciplinary overview of the issue of the regulation of robotics and AI, in particular by (i) identifying the current technological trends through research on patents in order to define its real characteristics, (ii) framing them within the history of industrialization in order to comprehend the true nature of the phenomenon, (iii) identifying the emerging approaches to innovation and (iv) the business models, (v) determining the EU legal framework in order to assess whether (vi) policy-makers have identified the correct technological trends that require attention, (vii) whether extant legislation is innovation positive, neutral or negative, and what alternative approaches might be preferable,  (viii) whether specific regulation is influencing or will influence the kind of technologies and applications that emerge, and in what way. 


The class schedule will be soon available here to download.