The European project INBOTS “Inclusive Robotics for a better Society”  – one of EURA’s collaborating projects – is organizing the first INBOTS Conference that will be held in Pisa, from October 16th to 20th.

INBOTS is one of EURA’s collaborative projects, and some of the EURA research team (namely Andrea Bertolini, Erica Parlmerini e Francesca Episcopo), work on the SSSA’s lead work package 5 “Propose a regulatory and risk management framework” 

The conference INBOTS will be consolidated as the flagship event of the scientific, academic and end-users actors of the community. This conference will be organised every year and will favour a strong cross-fertilisation between academia, industry and end-users. This space will allow accelerating the dissemination of research results and development of the next generation of robotics. As a distinctive feature of this event, every year the conference will try to attract the highest number of contributors willing to give live demonstrations of their wearable robots. Also, efforts will be made to include as part of the conference policy makers and European authorities (e.g. representatives of the different EU work programmes) for them to present their efforts in robotics and to learn about the efforts of INBOTS.

This year, the conference will be held in parallel with the International Conference on Neurorehabilitation (ICNR2018) and the International Symposium on Wearable Robotics (WeRob2018).

Within the INBOTS Conference, Andrea Bertolini, EURA’s Scientific Coordinator and WP5 leader, organizes a session devoted to the proposal of a regulatory and risk managemtn framework, which will be held on the 18th of October. The session will be devided in two sub-sessions: one on liability (with Andrea Bertolini and Tatjana Evas as seakers) and one on ethically alligned design (with Johanna Bryson and Gianpiero Negri as speakers).