In the EURA Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on the Regulation of Robotics & AI Workshop series, experts from the most diverse fields are invited to present their most advanced research, encouraging participants to discuss topics on the forefront of the debate on the regulation of robotics and AI.

The first seminar will take place Thursday 16th June 2022, h. 11.00-16.30 at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Room 3, or online on Zoom:

The first invited speaker is Alexander Stremitzer, Professor of Law, Economics, and Business, ETH Zurich. Professor Stremitzer will present his paper “Having Your Day in Robot Court”. The focus of the paper is on the possibility for machines to be the jusges of the future, aiming to analyse related implications in terms of accuracy, fairness, and comprehensiveness of the decision. 

The second invited speaker is Elettra Bietti, joint PostDoc fellow at yhe NYU School of Law and the Digital Life Initiayive at Cornell Tech. Dott. Bietti will present her research about “From Data Attention Infrastructures: Regulating Extraction in the Attention Platform Economy”. The paper is focused on harms in the attention platform economy – namely: addiction, over-consuption, virality, fragmentation of the public sphere – and on the relevance of prioritising the emergence of attention infrustructures, over just data ifrastructures.

After the presentation of the paper by the invited speaker, the seminar includes a discussion with the participants on the debated topics.