In the EURA Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on the Regulation of Robotics & AI Workshop series, experts from the most diverse fields are invited to present their most advanced research, encouraging participants to discuss topics on the forefront of the debate on the regulation of robotics and AI.

The first seminar will take place Friday 17th June 2022, h. 11.00-13.00 at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Room 3, or online on Zoom:

The invited speaker is Helen Eenmaa, Researcher, Founder of the IT Law Programme, University of Tartu School of Law, Estonia. Dott. Eenmaa will present her paper “Machines that Make and Keep Promises. Lessons for Contract Automation from Algorithmic Trading on Financial Markets”. The paper addresses the possibility for a wispread adoption of contract automation to put pressure on institutions to change. This can happen in the form of new regulation against systemic risks from inflexibility.

After the presentation of the paper by the invited speaker, the seminar includes a discussion with the participants on the debated topics.