In the EURA Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on the Regulation of Robotics & AI Workshop series, experts from the most diverse fields are invited to present their most advanced research, encouraging participants to discuss topics on the forefront of the debate on the regulation of robotics and AI.

The first seminar will take place Wednesday 15th January 2020, h. 11-16.30 at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Room 3.

The first invited speaker is Dott. Fabio Fossa, researcher in the University of Turin and expert in the field of Ethical and Social Issues in Information Technology. Dott. Fossa will present his paper “«I Don’t Trust You, You Faker!» On Trust, Reliance, and Artificial Agency”. The focus of the paper is on robotrust, i.e., on trust relationships between human and artificial agents, aiming to to clarify the extent to which such relationships can be framed in terms of trust, since usually relationships between human beings and artefacts are not supposed to imply trust, but reliance.

The second invited speaker is Prof. Fabio Bonsignorio, founder and CEO of Heron Robots and Professor of Robotics. Prof. Bonsignorio will present his chapter “Research Reproducibility and Benchmarking in Robotics and AI.”. The focus of the paper is on the replicability and reproducibility of results in robotics: indeed, reproducibility is still in its infancy in Robotics and AI. This prevents serious progress on benchmarking and verification of intelligent autonomous systems as the related scientific ground is unstable.

After the presentation of the paper by the invited speaker, the seminar includes a discussion with the participants on the debated topics.

Please check these short videos for the Seminar’s highlights and most important tackled issues: and