On May 19th 2022 it will be held the “Data Science & Law Forum 4.0: Governing AI”. 

This 4th edition will focus on the dynamic interplay among emerging technologies, democracy and rule-of-law, and continue to debate and explore new researches and the development of robust, trustworthy and ethically deployed AI. Experts from the research community, civil society, policymaking, and legal practice are invited to share their ideas and experties in thought-provoking panels and conversations. In particular, the progress and challenges around developing and operationalizing policy frameworks to advance trust in AI will be deepened. this will allow to explore gaps that need to be addressed, and the learnings that can be drawn from the AI Act and the European approach to the regulation of AI, more in general.

The main themes will include: 

  • Regulating the Use of Facial Recognition Technologies in Public Spaces in Europe

  • Tech in Uncertain Times

  • Operationalizing Responsible AI

  • Deploying Large Language Models Safely and Lawfully

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If you are interested in such topics and many more, make sure to register to our Summer School “The Regulation of Robotics & AI in Europe: Legal, Ethical and Economic Implications” this coming July.
Applications are open by May 31st! You can find more information on the page dedicated to the Course.