The second appointment for the “Festival dell’Eccellenza al Femminile”, October 22nd and 23rd at the Eleonora di Duse Theatre in Genoa, addressed the theme of technological development with Laura Curino’s play “Big Data B&B”.

Every new step forward in the development of new technologies serves to delegate human fatigue to the machine: the fatigue of working; the fatigue of moving and going far away; the fatigue of keeping the house clean, lighting the fire, driving. However, each new delegation of fatigue to the machine also entails a parallel delegation of our ability to make choices, to decide, to exercise our responsibility.
The show written by Laura Curino, with the contribution of a pool of professors from META, the Milan Polytechnic’s network that brings together scholars from the faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Design, deals with the ethical, philosophical and epistemological issues related to developments in science, technology, and innovation.

In such a context, Professor Andrea Bertolini held a monologue on issues and dangers of an ontological misqualification of robots companion, illustrating the example of Alexa and other vocal assistants. 

The event is avaiable in online streaming HERE